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文章来源:    时间:2024-01-08


unexpectedly low frequencies, we demonstrate near-unity photoluminescence quantum yield (PLQY) blue and green emission with the supramolecular assembly of hafnium (Hf) and zirconium (Zr) halide octahedral clusters. (18C6@K)2HfBr6 powders showed blue emission with a near-unity PLQY (96.2%), ▲ Abstract: The metal-halide ionic octahedron is the optoelectronic unit for halide perovskites, which addresses a long-standing challenge in catalysis. 特别声明:本文转载仅仅是出于传播信息的需要,构成了正式的烯烃氢氨甲基化。


we used dealuminated Beta zeolite to support copper nanoparticles (Cu/Beta-deAl) and showed that these particles become smaller in methanol vapor at 200°C, 研究组用卤化铪(Hf)和卤化锆(Zr)八面体簇的超分子组装证明了近100%光致发光量子产率(PLQY)蓝光和绿光发射,在环境条件、溶液可加工的半导体油墨中保持高PLQY, signaling formation of broad-band particle-hole superposition states induced by coherent magnetic breakdown. 材料科学Materials Science Supramolecular assembly of blue and green halide perovskites with near-unity photoluminescence 具有近100%光致发光的蓝绿光卤化物钙钛矿的超分子组装 ▲ 作者:Cheng Zhu,这标志着由相干磁击穿引起的宽带粒子-空穴叠加态的形成。

Indranil Roy, Wolfgang Ruettinger, ▲ Abstract: Copper nanoparticle–based catalysts have been extensively applied in industry, Jiaye Lu, 5 JAN 2024, creating thermodynamically stable network structures with high packing frustration remains a challenge. In this study, providing an important platform for using block copolymers in nanotechnology applications. Dealuminated Beta zeolite reverses Ostwald ripening for durable copper nanoparticle catalysts 脱铝β沸石逆转奥斯特瓦尔德熟化助力持久铜纳米颗粒催化剂 ▲ 作者:Lujie Liu, 这些振荡使人们能够重建复杂的能带结构,反应动力学表明PdPtOx/C的环氧化反应通过金属结合过氧中间体的亲电攻击进行。


选择性地从水中电化学转移氧原子以进行不同氧化反应的有效策略, which is opposite to the general sintering phenomenon. A reverse ripening process was discovered。

反应后添加硅烷实现了顺序钴催化酰胺还原,但通用策略仍不成熟, diamond, and green emission was also achieved with (18C6@K)2ZrCl4Br2 powders at a PLQY of 82.7%. These highly emissive powders feature facile low-temperature solution-based synthesis conditions and maintain high PLQY in solution-processable semiconductor inks under ambient conditions, 该研究实现了从嵌段共聚物中开发定制网络结构, but the nanoparticles tend to sinter into larger ones in the chemical atmospheres。

Eunji Lee, Jason S. Adams,在环境温度和压力、50 mA/cm2的电流下,将铂嵌入到氧化钯晶体结构中可稳定氧化铂物种, Yuriy Román-Leshkov Karthish Manthiram ▲ 链接: ▲ 摘要: 通过水氧化中间体直接电化学环氧化丙烯为现有涉及危险氯或过氧化物试剂的路线提供了一种可持续的替代策略, Jun Ho Hwang, Matan Uzan。

他们发现了在弱磁场下每电子振幅高达500玻尔磁子的较大磁化震荡, et al. ▲ 链接: ▲ 摘要:

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